Cheered By Weird: Bad Nerves In A Toxic Bundle

March 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Recuperation periods afford ample amounts of time for rest and frivolity. Even if tired of staring at the same four walls, there are days when mother nature comes to the rescue, brings a smile to my face, and keeps me occupied with the most mundane of things.

My recent descent into the weird world of word games was inspired after reading 8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today:

Words that used to begin with “n”

Adder, apron and umpire all used to start with an “n”. Constructions like “A nadder” or “Mine napron” were so common the first letter was assumed to be part of the preceding word. Linguists call this kind of thing reanalysis or rebracketing.

It’s an informative, fun read, but as noted above, I had mother nature to distract me. I started with what seemed to be random association, but after a moment I realized that I could be having a conversation with myself. At that point, I pretended there were two characters. Not really anything to brag about, but a good way perhaps to document a moment of silliness in bizarro land.

From Facebook:

That was an amazing read. Remembering all of it is another matter. Hmm…. a nadder became an adder…

“The Mad Nadder”

The Mad Nadder is another matter.

Go, nadder!?

Goin’ at him?

“Mad Nadder” is redundant. All snakes are bad nerves and crazy in a toxic bundle.

Line: “Magnificent! Just like a snake, you are all bad nerves and crazy in a toxic bundle.”

“You know it, baby. I am cheered by weird.”

The retort could have any number of meanings, based on intonation/inflection, alone. This is where knowing the character and staying true to it are quite important. i.e. Don’t write anybody out of character. [x ref. w/ continuity editing.]

Hmm… I guess that’s it, really. For now. Oh!, grant me some motivation. It would be interesting to develop characters around two people who might speak to each other that way.

In the meantime, thanks for the diversion. Healing continues.



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